FIHS was founded in 1960 by Patricio Figueroa, Claudio Illanes and
Sergio Huidobro C.  It is made up of attorneys with huge experience in different areas of law, recognized in Chile and abroad, distinguished by their commitment and personalized attention.


Patricio Figueroa Velasco
Patricio Figueroa VelascoLawyer
Mr. Figueroa has specialized in real estate and construction and his clients consist of major companies in these areas. He is a member of the Legislative Committee of the Chilean Chamber of Construction. In the past, he was Vice-President of the Bar Association and of the Arbitration Center of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. At this time he is an arbitrator, consultant and legal analyst in his areas of expertise and he has advised the Senate in the study and construction of the Property Co-Ownership Law.
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Sergio Huidobro Corbett
Sergio Huidobro CorbettLawyer
Mr. Huidobro is a graduate of the Catholic University of Chile who earned post-graduate certificates in Economic Specialization and Finance for Attorneys from University of Chile at School of Economics. Over the years, he has intensely defended clients before the Courts of Justice, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, in particular in criminal and commercial matters. He is a former President of the Inter-American Federation of Attorneys (FIA) and is currently a director on the board and legal counselor of several companies.
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Juan Eduardo Figueroa Valdés
Juan Eduardo Figueroa ValdésLawyer
Mr. Figueroa received his law degree from the University of Chile, followed by a LLM in International Law, Investment, Trade and International Arbitration from the University of Heidelberg/University of Chile. Also he has a Fellow Chartered, Institute of Arbitrors. He has a Master in Economics and Administration for Attorneys from Gabriela Mistral University and a diploma in Public Works Concessions from the Universidad del Desarrollo.
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José Manuel Figueroa Valdés
José Manuel Figueroa ValdésLawyer
Mr. Figueroa received his law degree from the Catholic University of Chile and he has specialized in real estate. He is counsel to co-ownership associations, office buildings, residential condominiums, subdivisions and shopping centers located in the Metropolitan Area and in Regions. His experience includes legal counsel to major touristic-residential developments in Chile.
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Sergio Huidobro Martínez
Sergio Huidobro MartínezLawyer
He is admitted to the Bar in 1996 after receiving his degree from Diego Portales University in 1995. He majored in grad in Economics and Finance for Attorneys from the School of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the University of Chile (2001), a diploma in Penal Procedure Reform from the Universidad del Desarrollo Law School (2004).
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Pablo Huidobro Martínez
Pablo Huidobro MartínezLawyer
Mr. Huidobro earned his law degree at Diego Portales University, followed by a Master specializing in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences from the University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain (2001-2002). He has a diploma in Criminal Procedure Reform from the Alberto Hurtado University Law School (2003) and a diploma in Economic Criminal Law from that same University (2005).
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María Elisa Illanes S.
María Elisa Illanes S.Abogada
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Isidora Espinosa
Isidora EspinosaAbogada
Juan Eduardo Figueroa Guzmán
Juan Eduardo Figueroa GuzmánAbogado
Education and Professional Experience:
Law Degree, Universidad de los Andes, 2017.
Diploma in Corporate Governance and Compliance, Universidad del Desarrollo, 2020.

María José Barros Lamoliatte
María José Barros LamoliatteAbogada
Lawyer, 2015. Graduate in Legal and Social Sciences from the Universidad del Desarrollo. Diploma of Higher Litigation and New Procedures, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.



We have distinguished attorneys who are constantly asked to serve as arbitrators and mediators given their lengthy track record and teaching activities.

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Our professional experience in property law is ample. Our clients are comprised of both construction companies and property developers and we advise investors as well, be they individuals or corporations, property brokers and other property service providers.

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Our experience in criminal lawsuits and matters is lengthy, particularly in regard to economic crimes (swindle, fraud, misappropriation, forgery, bad checks, fraudulent bankruptcies, etc).

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Our record is long and sound in the service and defense of all our clients in connection with court and arbitration proceedings, be they the first instance or in the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.

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We provide counsel in the areas of corporate law, entrepreneurial law, tax law and financial law. We also are expert in antitrust and commercial regulations, unfair competition and bankruptcies.

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In addition to our vast professional experience in real estate, we have specialized in legal counsel to co-owner communities and condominiums and to individuals and enterprises in relation to Property Co-Ownership.

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Our experience in the different areas of labor law is significant and we are counsel to both individuals and companies. Over the years, we have handled matters such as contracts, collective bargaining, the writing of employment contracts and work regulations as well as litigation and disputes arising in this regard.

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We consider tax counseling to be a very important part of the legal assistance we provide to all manner of clients. An appropriate tax planning is essential as is maximizing the legal structure of businesses from a tax standpoint.

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We are legal counsel to foreign individuals and enterprises interested in doing business in Chile, including under joint ventures. We advise them on, and propose, the most beneficial and advantageous legal and tax structure for conducting and optimizing their businesses.

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Part of our entrepreneurial work involves the planning and implementation of new investment projects that require an environmental assessment.

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Our professional practice has always involved banking and finance. We guide and support our clients in matters such as project finance, public and private bond issues, loans, restructuring and recapitalization.

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